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Chapter 38 of 'Riptide'

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Chapter 38 of 'Riptide'


APRIL 1968

It was just another Thursday. Jamila walked home from Salisbury Elementary School with Laura, her second-grade classmate. Laura had raven locks, rosy cheeks, and blue eyes and lived down the street. She had the kind of assets that would come in handy later.

At eight years old, neither of the girls thought about that now. They were too focused on more important things, like Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In, Lost in Space, Bill Cosby’s latest record, the Beatles, and the Monkees.

“My sister gets Tiger Beat magazine,” Laura said, making it sound like a secret sin.

“I wish I had an older sister.” Jamila frowned and felt a stab of envy. All she had was a younger brother. And they barely communicated.

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